[1.5] NEMS Platform Name

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[1.5] NEMS Platform Name

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Recently I took down my NEMS servers for maintenace and a couple of the sd cards got mixed up.  :idea:   Can you add maybe a text file to the boot directory stating which platform the card belongs to? This way I can read it on a PC instead of trial and error and possible corruption of cards. I have several different ones running and if they all got mixed together it would be a total mess.
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Re: NEMS Platform Name

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Clever idea, Marshman.

Approved, and implemented.

NEMS Linux 1.5 Changelogs:
NEMS Linux now stores a file NEMS_SERVER.txt in the Windows-readable section of your NEMS storage medium (eg., SD card) which contains some information about your NEMS Server (NEMS Version, Platform, HWID, Alias). This will make it easier for users to determine which board a SD card came out of should they need to, as per Marshman, by simply plugging the card into their computer.