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Custom Images

Post by Amheus »

I was trying to do this manually but there were way too many directories.

I thought that it would be cool if there was a form on the NEMS website where you could make a request or upload an icon that you want to be included in NEMS which then gets vetted by someone or a team of volunteers. These images would then be rolled out with the next update.

Or, have a central directory somewhere (such as "//images/") which all programs use for their source (rather than loads of directories with the same files in). This would make it a lot easier to update custom icons and save storage space too.

I don't know, just a thought.
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Re: Custom Images

Post by Robbie Ferguson »

I think having this as a user-by-user feature would be good. I can't really open up public submissions because I don't want the liability of suddenly finding someone submitted copywritten icons and I've pushed them out to thousands of NEMS Servers.

So I like the idea of integrating this in the distro.

I'd like to take it a step further and include it in NEMS Migrator so if you backup your NEMS Server, your custom icons are included.

I'll add this to the to-do list. It is unlikely to make it into 1.6 at the onset, but I can roll it out as a feature in a future update.

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