Add SNMP UPS monitoring

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Add SNMP UPS monitoring

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I switched to NEMS after my Raspbian with Nagios from scratch died with SD card on RPi 3B+. 'E' is for 'Enterprise', but there is no plugin in NEMS for monitoring enterprise APC UPS with Network Management Card (NMC AP9617,AP9631 etc) via SNMP.

I use 'check_snmp_apcupsd' for many years for monitoring my APC SU/SUA/SURT/SMT/SMX UPSes.

This plugin doesn't listed on Nagios Exchange, but still can be found on Github, for example ... nmp_apcups

plugin written on Perl, so I simple copy it to NEMS from my other Nagios installation. It works with NEMS too!

NMC is supplied with APC Smart UPS by default since 2019. Before 2019 it was an option part.
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Re: Add SNMP UPS monitoring

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Hello PavelZhe,

I have a APC UPS to monitor and I am interrested in how to install this plugin.

Could you give me a little help on this?
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