Please add check_dhcp command

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Please add check_dhcp command

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Suggestion for a check_command below:
$USER1$/check_dhcp -s $HOSTADDRESS$

Suggestion to documentation:
The check_dhcp command checks if a dhcp service can provide an IP address. In a standard home network, the router hosts the DHCP service, so in a home network, the check_dhcp command can be used to create a DHCP service on the router host. It's also possible to create another host that provides the DHCP service, e.g. your internet service provider

Note to whoever is implementing this:
The check_dhcp can also be applied on the NEMS host, but then the -s option shall not be used. This way, NEMS will listen to any DHCP servers DHCP response, probably the routers response. This way, the dhcp check can be one of the standard checks created by the NEMS init command
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