check_qnap Parameters

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check_qnap Parameters

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If your setting up the check_qnap service, here are some parameters that you can enter.

cpuload: check´s the system CPU load in perent
cputemp: check´s the sytem CPU Temperature
systemp: check´s the system Temperature
hdtemp: check´s the Harddive Temperature
diskused: check´s the diskusage on perent
mem: check´s the mem usage in perent
volstatus: check´s the Volume status
fan: check´s the Fan Speed
hdstatus: check´s the Harddive status
cachediskstatus: check´s the Cachedisk status
lunstatus: check´s the LUN status
raidstatus: check´s the Raid status
powerstatus: check´s the Power status
sysinfo: provides the QNAP infos

I have only used the diskused parameter and it works fine.
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