NEMS 1.5.1 backup and local restore not working correctly.

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NEMS 1.5.1 backup and local restore not working correctly.

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I built our NEMS on a PI v 1.5.1 and downloaded the backup file.  We since have purchased some Samsung 10 year SD cards and I wanted to swap the SD out for it.  I brought up another system and did the build and init process.  Then I did an ssh into it and scp the backup.nems into my user home folder and ran the local restore process.

After that I downed the PI and swapped the new SD into the original PI so the name and IP would match the nsclient++ systems.  This is when I noticed the name and several of the settings in System Settings tool did not import correctly and had to be entered or just click on the blank field and the info showed up and selected it.  All that is now fine again.  I then started to see issues with all the services.  All the checks on the services are showing a incorrect password error and they started to shoot out pushover notices.

I have since shut down and swapped the SD back so it's working but can't find the issue or how to resolve it.

Any help would be appreciated.
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