Curiosity with HTTP service monitor and NEMS server

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Curiosity with HTTP service monitor and NEMS server

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Greetings fellow nems-nerds

So, this falls into the category of things that make you say "Huh?". Might be obvious to someone else. Not to me.

I have the http monitor on my nems server monitoring itself. I think it comes pre-configured there in the image, but I am not sure. Works great.

I also have it pointed at a number of other servers. Works great.

I have 2 DNS servers on my network, being handed out via DHCP. Under normal circumstances, everything is green. If I take down the primary DNS server, the HTTP monitor on nems (and only on nems) goes red (socket timeout). All other services on nems, and all services on all other hosts (including HTTP), stay green, and use the secondary DHCP issued DNS server. There is ALOT of dns resolution happening there, as I monitor most things by name, for good or ill.

The built-in NEMS object appears to be constructed with the loopback address (, so i am not really sure what role DNS would play here at all.

Welcome thoughts. this is not really causing me any particular pain (after all, how often in the primary DNS server down), but it is bugging me.

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