IOS/Andriod app - Server Alarms - missing notifications

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IOS/Andriod app - Server Alarms - missing notifications

Post by plawer »

I was looking for an IOS app as an alternative to the Telegram messages. I came across Server Alarms - Nagios Client which seems to give me a mobile interface to Nagios. An Android client also exists, but I have not tried it. ... 1202668166

It requires some installation described at
The nath_status.php was placed in /var/www/html/share/nagios_themes/nems-1.3/
The status.dat file path is set to /var/cache/nagios/status.dat

I have followed the instructions and all works except the notifications. The misccommands are set up with the group key.

/usr/local/nagios/libexec/ServerAlarmNotify.php $HOSTNAME$ XXXXX HOST $HOSTSTATE$

Since NEMS is deviating a little from a standard nagios install, does anyone have any suggestions to address this issue?
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Re: IOS/Andriod app - Server Alarms - missing notifications

Post by JohnAkers »

I am having the same issue too, I am new to Apple products and am trying to grasp how everything works in this iOs world. Since I am a newbie, I am finding it difficult to comprehend the complexities of iOs app development. They sure are not easy, and now I get why they say that iOs is the strongest program out there. It is the best.
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