packet size of ping-command to high

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packet size of ping-command to high

Post by StrackeJ »


I´m using NEMS on an RPi2 Model B, NEMS Linux version 1.5.1.

I have a problem to check some IoT-Devices using the ping-check-command.
I found out, that the devices didn´t respond to packet-sizes bigger then 42 Bytes on Linux-OS-Level.
Default is 56 Bytes.
How can I adjust the packet-size in the NEMS?

Thanks for your responds!

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Re: packet size of ping-command to high

Post by SteveCourt »

Hello, I had a similar problem less than a week before you posted your message.

Refer to viewtopic.php?f=9&t=788&p=3393#p3393 for a workaround using check_fping instead of check_ping.

Cheers, Steve
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