How Do I?

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How Do I?

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I have been trying to setup a static IP for my NEMS system. However, I don't have a DHCP server and I cant connect to use cockpit as my PI 4+ boots and says I have a localhost ip ( So how do I change it to static?

I am the using ethernet port instead of wireless. We have a policy for no wireless connections this large network because of "kiddy hackers" trying to break in in the past.

Are there files I can edit before booting that I can edit to use static ip?
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Re: How Do I?

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Hi, when connecting a monitor to your Pi4, somewhere in the boot process the IP is passing by.
In the demo you get the IP.
But that could be different for your setup, so check what is!
20210128 NEMS IP address.PNG
20210128 NEMS IP address.PNG (39.34 KiB) Viewed 213 times
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