RPi-Monitor Issue

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RPi-Monitor Issue

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Hello, brand new NEMS user here.

Everything seems to be successfully set up and running, except for RPi-Monitor. It worked initially after installation, but upon shutting my Pi3 down to relocate ethernet cord and then booting it back up, RPi-Monitor stopped working. When I go to "http://nems.local:8888/", I get the error "unable to connect".

What can be done to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance. :cool:

EDIT: I followed the instructions here: https://xavierberger.github.io/RPi-Moni ... repository and uninstalled and reinstalled RPi-Monitor. It then worked properly until the next reboot. It seems it works properly upon fresh install until the Pi is rebooted where it fails again.
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Re: RPi-Monitor Issue

Post by Overlord »

I presume you gave the NEMS server a fixed IP address when you initialised RPi?
Because else it should not switch IP addresses so easely.
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