As of yesterday "Speedtest server not responding"?

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Re: As of yesterday "Speedtest server not responding"?

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New user, just downloaded and installed tonight. Have used LibreNMS, Cacti and others, Really like this simple interface and setup. Was really looking forward to adding switches and my VM's to monitor. And really wanted the Speedtest, i hope they find a solution. It was one of the features I was after. As I am also having the speed test issue. V1.5.2
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Re: As of yesterday "Speedtest server not responding"?

Post by jaediggity »

Great package! I also downloaded and installed it this last week as I was home with COVID. I really hope that they get the speed test working again! Version 1.5.2 with the recommended patches.
Another cool option would be to incorporate something similar to smokeping to monitor the internet connection and internal network devices and display results in graph form.
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Re: As of yesterday "Speedtest server not responding"?

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In following up others' work, i looked in /usr/local/bin to see if I could manually run the script. To my surprise, the old script is not there in my new install ver 1.5.2, but it DOES have speed-cloudflare-cli. While i am still getting error messages from the NEMS server that the speedtest server is not responding - when i manually run speed-cloudflare-cli it appears to work just fine. Results are posted below. Does anyone know how to get this to work automatically?

[email protected]:/usr/local/bin $ speed-cloudflare-cli list --list
Server location: Detroit (DTW)
Your IP: (US)
Latency: 29.10 ms
Jitter: 5.34 ms
100kB speed: 50.59 Mbps
1MB speed: 116.83 Mbps
10MB speed: 202.70 Mbps
25MB speed: 229.14 Mbps
100MB speed: 230.33 Mbps
Download speed: 227.91 Mbps
Upload speed: 11.34 Mbps
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