Speedtest number of indices

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Speedtest number of indices

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Hey guys, hope somebody can help a noob.
Just setup this up on my little raspberry, sweet it is... but I cant seem to get the speed test to work correctly, I have configured all the settings and search like a dog to find a solution, so am crossing my fingers I get some help here.

Below is my readout using -V, for some reason I see the server integer is set to 0, even thou I have set it to 13434 Australia, which is miles away from Portugal, but I also couldnt --list, says command speedtest not available funny enough, so cant even check for a better server, any ideas on that one, ideally a test server in Europe would be nice, otherwise my main issues is to get it working in the first place. indices.... wth? am totally lost, help please :)

Download Warning Level = 45

Download Critical Level = 40
Upload Warning Level = 2.5
Upload Critical Level = 1
Server Location = e
Server URL or Integer = 0
External Server defined
count = 2
You do not have the expected number of indices in your output from SpeedTest. Is it correctly installed? Try running the check with the -V argument to see what is going wrong.
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