Testing Pushover Notifications

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Testing Pushover Notifications

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Hi All,

NOOB here.
I would like to test my Pushover Notifications config. It never seems to trigger.
I have a host set up as a Linux-Server host-template.

check interval 1 number of [min.] between regularly scheduled checks
retry interval 5 number of [min.] to wait before scheduling a re-check
first notification delay 2 number of [min.] to wait before sending the first notification
notification interval 30 number of [min.] to wait before re-notifying a contact
notification options d,u,r,f possible values: d,u,r,f,s,[n]

I wait the 2 minutes after NEMS recognizes my host is down (turn-off WiFi), but get no Pushover notification.

Any thoughts?

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