NEMS network issues

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NEMS network issues

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I setup NEMS server on RPI3. Install and setup were mostly trouble free.

I cannot get notifications to work. SMTP is setup but no emails are going out.

I had trouble pinging SMTP server from device until I added my DNS servers. For some reason the DHCP client did not pick up my DHCP server settings for DNS servers. It seems that NEMS has some hard coded servers defined but they did not work.

My big issues are all the query activity that the server is doing. I setup a few hosts and the functions all seem to work ok.
What I am seeing on my DNS servers is troubling.
The NEMS device was operating for 11 hours. In that time it made 2703 queries to "" and 2370 queries to "".

Over 5000 DNS queries in 11 hours is not normal behavior. I suspect that the speedtest function just keeps hammering cloudflare until it gets a resoponse.
The queries to I don't have a theory for.

My conclusion at this time is that I can't use the device unless someone can explain the behavior and offer a solution to make the excessive DNS activity stop.

Any constructive feedback would be appreciated.

For reference I am running an Omada network with multiple switches and AP's. I have multiple NAS and media devices and dozens of IOT devices. I have two redundant PiHole adblockers with Unbound DNS servers which I suspect is what the NEMS device is not working well with. My DNS servers are part of my DHCP configuraion and no other device is exhibiting this kind of behavior.
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