NEMS Linux on Pi 3B+ with 3.5" screen

Share your story of how you use NEMS Linux. Provide as much detail as you can, and even pictures and screenshots for your chance to get featured in various publications (and of course, here on the forum)!
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NEMS Linux on Pi 3B+ with 3.5" screen

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Upfront I must say I was never a big fan of Nagios, because of the interface. But NEMS Linux version with NEMS Tactical Overview has a much better appeal. Still when it comes to troubleshoot an error / warning you are back in the nagios view. Still great job on the NEMS Linux.

my NEMS Linux server runs on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a PoEHat and a 3.5" screen. I also have attached a TEMPerHUM, which shows me on the 3.5" screen the readings of those two values. But it does not show them in the webinterface.

For my clients environment. I am only running linux,
- 5 Pis as multiroom audio system,
- 1 Rockpi as storage,
- 2 TP-Link Switches

Occasinally I have running
- 1 Pi 4 as desktop computer,
- 1 Pi 4 as media computer using Twister (also on the other Pi 4 is Twister installed)
- 1 Pi 3B+ with a 7" touchscreen as weatherstation.

Additionally planned
- 1 Pine Rock64 with EndeavourOS ARM Edition (if I get it to run)
- 2 Intel Celeron J4125 with Fedore Core and Alpine Standard (both as Docker test units)

I also installed Cockpit on all active and occassionally systems.

I started and try to learn more about all the possible configurations.

My current problems are:
- Port 5666 (CPU Temp on the clients) connection refused <- tried the Monitor Linux Hosts with NRPE, but the github link is going to 404. when changing the I am getting Line 7: Syntax error near unexpected token ´newline´
- Port 12489 (CPU Load on the clients) connection refused
- Plugin Time out while executing system call with both switches
- Room Temperature and Humidity unknown TEMPer Device disconected or not present (on the NEMS Server)

I am at the beginning and it is a "nifty" (Sheldon Cooper to Steve Wozniak at the cheesecake factory) out-of-the-box working tool.
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Re: NEMS Linux on Pi 3B+ with 3.5" screen

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Very informative post! This post has a lot of information here that can help me a lot.
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