NEMS on ASUS Tinkerboard

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NEMS on ASUS Tinkerboard

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I have an ASUS Tinkerboard that I want to re-purpose from a regular Linux SBC to a NEM Server. I was wondering if I could potentially use the RPi Image since the board have some similarities, I'm just not sure from a drivers perspective if things will still work on not boot at all.

Any suggestions or potentially a port for the tinkerboard specifically? I really enjoy NEMS and want to keep it as part of my ecosystem.

Thanks in advance.
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RE: NEMS on ASUS Tinkerboard

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Hi kr33,
No, you cannot run any of the existing images of NEMS Linux on an ASUS Tinker Board (as of today, November 2, 2018 - subject to change in future).

It has been on my radar for some time, but as of yet nobody has sent me one to use for development, and my budget for this year's ports is spent. I was communicating with ASUS directly, but as of yet their marketing team has not caught the vision of NEMS Linux.

If you'd like to expedite the creation of a port for the ASUS Tinker Board (or any other SBC that I don't yet support), the best thing you can do is either send me one to build the image on (this would be the quickest), or become a Patron if you haven't already, to pitch in a bit each month toward the inevitable goal of me buying one.

Since I develop NEMS for free in my spare time, it really comes down to either the community, the manufacturer, or time to save up some extra cash. Once I have a board, I can begin working on the new port.

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