NEMS and and IOT home network

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NEMS and and IOT home network

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I had played with various monitoring tools on and off for a very long time. Nagios and I had had an on again off again relationship for years. I am a Network technologist (Security and Architecture) by trade, I can hold my own at a Linux CLI. That said, a full Nagois suite, and the accompanying companion products is not for the faint of heart, or those short of time.

As and IOT/Home automation hobbyist (It may turn into a bit more than that), I have a larger than typical home network. Anytime a change is made, upgrade, or a network or power event occurs, it is a pain to determine if everything recovered completely. NEMS solves that. I have a bunch of Rasberry Pi's around, and am familiar with them. It was a perfect fit. They have not run out of gas for me yet - although I am tough on SD cards <grin>.

I'm currently monitoring about 50 hosts, and a a bit more than that in services. It is about evenly split between wired and wireless. All sorts of manufacturers. I can see what is up, what is performing, and what is not. I can see what was doing what, a few hours ago, when I get a belated issue report from the user base (Family), or device. I use an accompanying Android Nagios app for visibility.

I'm a bit backrevved on NEMS (1.3.1) (It's even better now) as I need to rectify a few decisions I made early on before upgrade. i am currently thinking I may do a reconfig from scratch with 1.5. I'm also currently looking for a way to get a bit more visibility into the Zigbee and Zwave portions of my network. Lots more devices there. Probably not a Nagios/NEMS thing.

The product has totally rocked, and gotten better with each upgrade.

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RE: NEMS and and IOT home network

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Thanks so much, Jim! Glad you're enjoying NEMS Linux ... even if on a very old version :P Jumping from 1.3.1 to 1.5, I suggest you sit down - or at least try. You're gonna be over the moon :)

I'm doing all I can to make a seamless upgrade procedure for 1.3.1 to 1.5, though as you say, sometimes it's nice to just start with a fresh config and "do it right" after you've learned some of the tricks of the system.

Thanks for using NEMS Linux and for posting your kind words.

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