OpenVPN Server on NemsLinux.

Have you done something on your NEMS server to make it more usable for yourself? Want to share your code? I'd love for you to share and may include your ideas in future releases of NEMS.
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OpenVPN Server on NemsLinux.

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I have managed to install and OpenVPN via a script from GitHub. This allows your NemsLinux Server to become a OpenVPN Server and allow remote access via VPN to your Network devices.

The script and install instructions are available here:

run the command: 


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wget -O && bash
and then follow the prompts. The script will create a *.OVPN file in the /root folder.  Export this OVPN file to your client device.  

Whatever port you have selected - 1194 UDP being the Default port - you will need to port forward this port number to your NEMSLinux IP address from your WAN interface on the Router

on your client PC (remote site)  you need to install OpenVPN Client.

once the client is installed, import the OVPN file using the client software. You can then connect to the NEMSLinux Server from your client over a Secure VPN connection.

I think this script will be an excellent feature to be included in NEMSlinux.
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RE: OpenVPN Server on NemsLinux.

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i tried to use it but the network is hardcoded to 10.8.0.x/24 and creates several iptable rules. Using the script like this only grants access to the local machine and not to the whole network.

Also tried this one but could not  run the config .
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Re: OpenVPN Server on NemsLinux.

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Thanks for sharing the tip. Very reasonable. Actually, I had a similar issue, but GitHub always saves me. Luckily I have a friend who works at, so he always helps me with VPN or proxies issues. Btw, why do you prefer using VPN to proxies? I’m curious to hear your reply, because I’m currently trying to figure out how everything works. Since I’m 57, it’s too complicated for me, but I won’t stop trying. Anyway, I’ll be grateful for your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks in advance. Best wishes, folks.
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