Failed to get host-alive check for host

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Re: Failed to get host-alive check for host

Post by Benny54 »

I have an issue that i did not expect.
Few months ago i set up my NEMS server from scratch with version 1.5.2. This because i had issues upgrading from 1.5.1 to 1.5.2.
Today i had to re-install 1.5.2 and do a restore from my last daily backup (1.5.2).
All looks good except when i try to change the config, i get the error: Failed to get host-alive check for host 'NEMS'. Make sure the host is linked with a host-preset
It looks like the following config file is expected: Error: Cannot open main configuration file '/var/www/html/nconf/temp/test/Default_collector.cfg' for reading!
However the directory nor the file does excist.
Did someone test backup and restore of the configuration with version 1.5.2.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Failed to get host-alive check for host

Post by StrackeJ »

Hi Robbie,

could you meanwhile develop a fix for the problem?

Kind Regards,
Robbie Ferguson wrote: Mon Jun 08, 2020 1:10 pm Thank you so much. I am however aware of the NEMS MIgrator issue now with 1.5.2, and am actively working on a fix. Watch the site for Build 2, at which point you can run a sudo nems-quickfix on your dev unit to get the patch.

It's a doozie of a problem. Hoping it won't take too long to fix. Probably a few days.

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Re: Failed to get host-alive check for host

Post by pickerin »

FWIW, I just had this issue restoring a 1.5 backup to a 1.5.2 installation.
Additionally, I think there's something to the OS definitions. I noticed that all of my OS definitions were lost during the restoration, which implies they were either not backed up, or not restored.

Update: Appears all OS definitions are lost in the migration. Everything was restored as "linux-server" regardless of what I had them set to. I'll have to rollback, that's too much work to redo. Unfortunately, it appears this issue has been present for 6+ months, so there's no viable way to upgrade from 1.5.0 to anything newer at this point.
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Re: Failed to get host-alive check for host

Post by Gozzie0 »

I just ran in to this same issue restoring from a 1.5.2 backup to a fresh RPi install of 1.5.2. use the above fix to get round it. It also didn't import any of my notification settings in NSST. Also didn't import the host notification settings to the same username
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Re: Failed to get host-alive check for host

Post by StevySokal7 »

The host field must be populated with either a hostname or an IP address. For external accessible sites, the hostname must be formatted.
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