NEMS for Pine A64+

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NEMS for Pine A64+

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Hi everybody,
I tried doing a search, but didn't find anything regarding the Pine A64.
I have the Kickstarter A64+ connected to my TV using HDMI and have it connected to the network via ethernet.
I downloaded the current NEMS v1.5 from the website and then burned it to a 32GB card using BalenaEtcher on a Mac. Nothing happened when I turned on the Pine, So I used a Win10 laptop and it seemed to worked. I had the Pine on for 2 days straight and I still had the same screen (Filesystem is being resized. NEMS will reboot. Please standby...)
I read that 32GB was larger enough, but just in case I purchased a 128GB SDXC and repeated the process. Same outcome.
Do I need to do something else?
Any advice?
Sorry, I had the Pine A64+ forever, but had not any real use for it, so I don't really know what I am doing.


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