Install kismet wireless monitoring on NEMSlinux

Have you done something on your NEMS server to make it more usable for yourself? Want to share your code? I'd love for you to share and may include your ideas in future releases of NEMS.
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Install kismet wireless monitoring on NEMSlinux

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Since I've written the whole How-To in markdown language, i share it from my personal Github.

Feedback is welcome!
This is my first How-to ever :) ... c4b512d330

Thanks for reading!
detailed vieuw
detailed vieuw
Greenshot 2020-11-08 19.15.23 kismet 3.png (170.57 KiB) Viewed 10412 times
SSID's nearby
SSID's nearby
Greenshot 2020-11-08 19.13.05 kismet 2.png (144.41 KiB) Viewed 10412 times
all WIFI devices nearby
all WIFI devices nearby
Greenshot 2020-11-08 19.12.16 kismet.png (142.12 KiB) Viewed 10412 times
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Re: Install kismet wireless monitoring on NEMSlinux

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Very nice, thanks wifidoc! I'm unfamiliar with Kismet. What is it that it is providing you? I'd like to know more and see if this is something that should be included in NEMS Linux, or if it's something people should just add (using your rather excellent guide) as required.


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