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Services monitoring the NEMS server

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2020 12:09 am
by grekasa
I am new to NEMS and as i liked the idea of using a small board for network monitoring i bought a Raspberry-Pi 4 8GB ram and installed latest NEMS for Raspberry. (v1.5.2)
I had, though, to disable HTTP, Speed test and Temp-Humidity services.
Speed test can't establish connection (Greece, Vodafone ISP).
Temp & Humidity sensor shows that the hardware is disconnected although i had an AM2302 sensor connected as instructions shows.
HTTP check service had a very strange behavior, it was up & down every minute!
Please keep in mind that the Raspberry-Pi is on a home network without limitations (using lan port 1G, not WiFi).
I am using it to check my nas, asterisk, ata devices, ip phones, ip cameras and a site to site vpn connection, configure it and using it for about two days without issues.
Also i noticed that log off functionality doesn't work at adagios and i am not always receiving mail alerts, i checked through nagios notification section and i can see the mail notifications entries together with Pushover, Pushover works without issues.
**Also i noticed that log off functionality doesn't work at adagios : my apologies about that, it works but not the way i expected....
Best regards.