*** Critical Problem: Uptime on PlexPiWiFi is CRITICAL ***

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*** Critical Problem: Uptime on PlexPiWiFi is CRITICAL ***

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I keep getting this error message. My issue is the server is up and running just fine, and when it does go down I get a different error message.

How do I fix this???

I have seen some messages about timeouts (forgot exactly what) and I increased the values as suggested. This had no effect. The error messages kept coming at the same rate as before.

If you need any additional information I would be happy to provide it for you.

Host: PlexPiWiFi
Service: Uptime is CRITICAL for: 2d 12h 36m 56s
Status Information: CRITICAL - Plugin timed out while executing system call
Host Alias: Pi 4
Host Address:
Last Check: 2020-12-26 16:34:08
Reporting NEMS Server: NEMS
Notified Recipients: nems-admin
Incident Escalated: No
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