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NEMS Linux on Pi 3B+ with 3.5" screen

Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2021 3:22 pm
by uniquegch
Upfront I must say I was never a big fan of Nagios, because of the interface. But NEMS Linux version with NEMS Tactical Overview has a much better appeal. Still when it comes to troubleshoot an error / warning you are back in the nagios view. Still great job on the NEMS Linux.

my NEMS Linux server runs on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a PoEHat and a 3.5" screen. I also have attached a TEMPerHUM, which shows me on the 3.5" screen the readings of those two values. But it does not show them in the webinterface.

For my clients environment. I am only running linux,
- 5 Pis as multiroom audio system,
- 1 Rockpi as storage,
- 2 TP-Link Switches

Occasinally I have running
- 1 Pi 4 as desktop computer,
- 1 Pi 4 as media computer using Twister (also on the other Pi 4 is Twister installed)
- 1 Pi 3B+ with a 7" touchscreen as weatherstation.

Additionally planned
- 1 Pine Rock64 with EndeavourOS ARM Edition (if I get it to run)
- 2 Intel Celeron J4125 with Fedore Core and Alpine Standard (both as Docker test units)

I also installed Cockpit on all active and occassionally systems.

I started and try to learn more about all the possible configurations.

My current problems are:
- Port 5666 (CPU Temp on the clients) connection refused <- tried the Monitor Linux Hosts with NRPE, but the github link is going to 404. when changing the I am getting Line 7: Syntax error near unexpected token ┬┤newline┬┤
- Port 12489 (CPU Load on the clients) connection refused
- Plugin Time out while executing system call with both switches
- Room Temperature and Humidity unknown TEMPer Device disconected or not present (on the NEMS Server)

I am at the beginning and it is a "nifty" (Sheldon Cooper to Steve Wozniak at the cheesecake factory) out-of-the-box working tool.

Re: NEMS Linux on Pi 3B+ with 3.5" screen

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2022 6:41 am
by Sjackson3289
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